The Will To Win

The Will to Win: The Story of Biodun Shobanjo is fundamentally a deliberative evaluation of leadership and enterprise management. it is as much a biographical portrait of Nigeria’s ‘Czar of Advertising’ as it is a story of the major developments in the world of marketing communications in Nigeria as it involves Shobanjo. it sheds light on his persona and gives a comprehensive overview of who he is.

It is a lucidly engaging work through which the reader understands his parentage, family-like, and most poignantly, his professional and business life. in a land with few authentic heroes or achievers, Biodun Shobanjo’s contributions, achievements, and place are deservedly presented.

The avalanche of information provided, the depth of work given to it, and the sources consulted to make this work a productive venture. the reader is assured of an excursion in history, career development, ambition, decision – making, entrepreneurship, business management, office politics, people management, success, and failure. it is a positive work that is faithful to its theme: the path to success is guided by the will to win.


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